Classroom Expectations

Newsletters and Assignment Information: Every week a classroom newsletter will be posted on our classroom website and will include important classroom information, test dates, and requests we might have of you. Please take the time to look over this information with your child so that he/she also knows what is happening. The first and BEST place to look for information regarding classroom information and assignments is on this newsletter.

Absenteeism:  If your child is ill and you wish to collect make up work for that day, please email me prior to 10 am so I can prepare materials for you to pick up at the end of the school day.  If you know in advance that your child will be absent, please let me know as well as the office.

Student Planners: Students are expected to write out their assignments daily. The assignments will be written on the board and remain there all day so the student can make changes when they finish something. This is part of their individual responsibility toward becoming independent.

Birthdays: We will take a few minutes to recognize the individual on his/her special day. Due to allergies, treats cannot be brought from home but rather purchased from a store and brought to school along with all nutrition information. If your child’s birthday falls in the summer, we can celebrate them on their half birthday.

Food and Water: Students are encouraged to bring a reusable bottle of water to school each day. Only bottles that are spill-proof will be allowed in the classroom (screw-on caps are okay). In addition, there will be an opportunity for a snack each morning. Please encourage your child to bring a healthy snack to school that does not need utensils to eat.

Homework/Lunch Club:  Lunch Club will take effect after the first 2 weeks of school to allow students time to ease into having homework.

If a student forgets his/her assignment, they will not be allowed to call you and have it brought in.  Please understand we are preparing your child for the responsibilities of 6th grade. Points will be deducted for late work based on the number of days late and circumstances of the late work. This will be in addition to going to Lunch Club. In Lunch Club, the student will go to Mrs. Tebon's room during their normal lunchtime to complete their work. During their normal recess time, they will then eat lunch. Students will continue to have Lunch Club until the work is turned in. If a student has Lunch Club 3 times in a semester, the student will also need to serve a detention. Lunch Club occurring more than once in the semester would also mean the student is ineligible for any semester reward celebrations.  Please see the student/parent handbook for further explanation. This is not to punish the student or the parent, but to make the student responsible for his/her own work.  If you and/or your child become stuck on an assignment, please do not spend more than 20 minutes trying to figure out the work. To validate a student’s challenges with homework, please notify me via email or a written note.

If a student loses his/her homework or assignment, it is the student’s responsibility to come to their teacher and ask for another one.  Math homework and reading assignments will be sent home most nights although many times students can finish during class if they use their time wisely. In addition, throughout the school year, students may be required to complete at-home projects, either history, reading, or science-based.  Information, due dates, and guidelines will be posted on the 5th-grade classroom website. Otherwise, they will be available on the Brighton school website under 5th grade, then newsletter.

Please contact me via email for the quickest response to your questions, or you may also call to schedule a time to meet with me. I encourage open communication with all parents and families.
Thank you, families, for all your support and encouragement!
Mrs. Lampe