Hello Families,
All grades need to be in by May 31st.  Please check with your student to make sure they have turned in all assignments even if they were late.  
Friday, we will have a end of year movie in class.  They will be watching Wonder based on the book.  They may bring in a snack for the class to have during the movie but it must have the nutrition label available and be enough for everyone.  We have 22 students in class.  Students will be cleaning out their desks and lockers on Monday, June 4th.  June 5th is field day (our last 1/2 day).

Thank you all for a wonderful year and hopefully the students have a great summer preparing to become 6th graders!

**Note** Please remind your student that if they have late work or work they would like to fix, they may do so until the end of the quarter and turn it in to me.  I have encouraged students to fix any mistakes and still turn in work they would like credit for.  They will be marked lower for being late but it will not be a zero.

Please email me if you have any questions.  
Thank you for all your classroom support!
Mrs. Lampe