The Brighton School Board consists of three members.  Meetings are held in the Library usually on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m.  The agenda is available online or by coming to the office for a copy.  The public is welcome to attend the monthly meetings.  If your intentions are to address the board please take the time to read over the policy beforehand.  Check out the Meeting Conduct By-Law 0167.3 here.  Please be aware that it may occasionally be necessary to change the dates of meetings due to illness, scheduling conflicts or unforeseen circumstances.  Please contact the school with any questions.
                      2018/2019 Agenda's and Minutes
                         July Agenda
                    2017/2018 Agenda's and Minutes                                               July Agenda    July Minutes    
                  August Agenda    August Minutes
             September Agenda   September Minutes
                 October Agenda   October Minutes
              November Agenda   November Minutes
              December Agenda   December Minutes
                  January Agenda    January Minutes
                February Agenda    February Minutes
                    March Agenda    March Minutes
                      April Agenda    April Minutes
                       May Agenda    May Minutes
                      June Agenda    June Minutes

                      2016/2017 Agenda's and Minutes
                         July Agenda    July Minutes
                    August Agenda   August Minutes
               September Agenda   September Minutes
                   October Agenda   October Minutes
                November Agenda   November Minutes
                December Agenda   December Minutes
                    January Agenda   January Minutes
                  February Agenda   February Minutes
                      March Agenda   March Minutes
                        April Agenda   April Minutes
                         May Agenda   May Minutes
                         June Agenda   June Minutes