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Welcome to Brighton School District #1!

Brighton School in Brighton Wisconsin Students.jpg

Our District

Address: 1200 248th Ave, Kansasville, WI 53139

Phone: 262-878-2191

Fax: 262-878-2869


Empower all students to reach their capabilities, contribute to our community and compete in a global society by providing challenging learning opportunities and developing responsible citizens through the “Brighton Way”.


The students, staff, families and community of the Brighton School District strive to be the school district of choice in Kenosha County by maintaining an uncompromising commitment to all students, continuous school improvement, and high student achievement.

The Brighton Way

The "Brighton Way" is a program developed to help our students grow into responsible citizens and kind, caring individuals who value themselves and others and understand the benefits that are derived from helping others through community service. Every month, teachers select students that embody the traits being focused on during that month. These students have their pictures taken, put on display and receive a small prize as they serve as examples for the rest of the student body.

September - Pride, Self-Esteem, Positive Attitudes and Expectations

October - Respect for Self and Others

November - Family and Community Support

December - Encouragement and Sportsmanship

January - Responsibility

February - Respect for School

March - Patience

April - Trust

May - Success, The Brighton Way

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