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Referendum Information

Vote April 2nd, 2024

Thank you for taking the time to learn about the upcoming referendum for Brighton School! In Brighton School, we benefit from small class sizes (student-to-teacher ratio), recruitment and retention of teachers, assuring we pay off our bills such as transportation and utilities, and offer opportunities above and beyond what is required of the State. Spanish classes for 5-8 grade students is an example of an academic opportunity above and beyond what is mandated. With a failed operations referendum, each of these areas will be significantly impacted.

We appreciate your consideration of this referendum and welcome feedback directly through phone call (262.878.2191) or email (


What are people saying about Brighton School?

“Highest achieving school in Kenosha County!”

“Public school setting with a private school atmosphere.”

“Ideal class sizes for academic achievement and socialization.”

“Brighton offers a protective environment, unlike larger middle schools.”

“Devoted staff”

“Where stars are made!”

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